Expectation & Excellence
established 1546



  • Open every school day from 8.30am-4.00pm
  • The library has about 9,000 books: approx. 2,500 fiction and 6,500 non-fiction.
  • There is one dedicated library catalogue computer (although you can access the library catalogue from any computer by going to the school website and clicking the Students or Staff portal, then Oliver catalogue)
  • Nine networked computers providing internet access, most at individual study carrel desks
  • One small meeting room - the Library Pod - with networked computer and interactive whiteboard. Used by reading groups, the student librarian team and for careers interviews, tutorials and presentations
  • Magazines such as BBC Music, Modern Painters and Rugby World
  • 20+ journals supporting the curriculum at GCSE and A Level, such as Economic Review, New Scientist, Poetry Review  and several language titles – many also available online via school library subscription
  • The Times and I daily newspapers, plus all the weekly local news via the Express & Echo, Pulman’s and the Midweek Herald
  • Several computer programs such as Solidworks, Missionmaker, Autograph and ProDesktop can be borrowed on memory stick/USB to download
  • The careers library contains information on careers, gap years, apprenticeships, job applications and CVs. We also stock prospectuses from every university in the UK, and specialist books such as how to get into medical school, vet school, Oxbridge and advice on taking various university entrance exams
  • Full colour copier/printer
  • We also sell a comprehensive range of stationery to students at cost price

The aim of the student librarian team is to organise and run book-related events in school, which promote reading for pleasure.

The team is led by the school librarian, Mrs Burns-Price, along with a group of Sixth Form 'Library Ambassadors', whose role is to support and guide the younger student librarians in all their activities.

Please click on the 'Meet the Student Team' link above to see who is involved.

'What Staff Read' is exactly what it says - interviews conducted by the student librarians, where they ask staff questions such as "When did you learn to read?", "What was your favourite book as a child?" and "What have you been reading recently?".  We hope to update this regularly with more interviews.

    The fiction reading area and library 'Pod' (small tutorial/meeting room)


    Autumn Term 2016

    We are currently promoting reading for pleasure with our 'Mystery Christmas Readers'

    Also - students can decorate the library tree with baubles naming "The book that would make my Christmas complete".

    One bauble will be chosen at random and the winner will receive their nominated book as a prize.

    As a by-product, the library also receives a list of recommended books to buy!

    We are also encouraging staff to read, with a monthly box of books in Staff House.

    2015-16 IN THE LIBRARY

    Summer Term 2016

    The Carnegie Book Shadowing group presented the shortlisted books to an invited audience in June.

    The library hosted the school's own UK EU Referendum on 23 June 2016

    Y11 and Y12 Research Skills sessions also took place in June

    A whole-school Olympics themed day was held on Friday 8 July 2016, and the library joined in with book themed displays, and an inter-Tutor Group book quiz to win an Olympic cake.

    And finally: An end of 2015/16 academic year cream tea for the Student Reporters and Student Librarians teams

    Spring Term 2016

    A group of students took part in a successful Guinness World Record attempt to mark World Book Day.

    Autumn Term 2015

    A 'Great British Book-Off' competition saw book-inspired baking, with the winning student producing a 'Swallows & Amazons' cake.

    At the end of term, the Millennium Library of classic books was turned into a 'novel' Christmas tree.



    In March 2015, we held a grand book swap and sale in the library. Everyone was asked to donate books in the week leading up to World Book Day, then on the day students could either buy a book for 50p [proceeds to the Devon Air Ambulance Trust] or bring their own book in and swap it. The Student Librarians also did a book-themed whole school assembly in the morning, and there was a very successful 'Don't judge a book by its cover' book promotion in the library, which encouraged students to read outside their comfort zone by borrowing a book without knowing what it was beforehand.

    Don't judge a book by its cover!


    Book Blind Date - 14 February 2015


    In October 2014, we ran a writing competition for students, the winners of which have now been announced. Year 7 students Megan S, Sebastian S and Anton T all won book prizes for placing as runners-up in the contest, while Joseph G, also in Year 7, was highly commended.

    The overall winner was Year 8 student Freya R, whose entry is published below:

    Deep in the dark graveyard
    Where shadows seem always to grow
    Screams from dead souls whose
    Faces they’ll never show

    Deep in the dark graveyard
    In the dead of night
    Rain pelts down and thunder sounds
    And lightning gives the only light

    Deep in the dark graveyard
    You’ll never be so scared
    What’s that behind  you?
    What’s that beside you?
    To come here, no other has dared!


    Long-standing parent library volunteer, Nigel Harding, opening the newly refurbished library in November 2012

    The team of library parent helpers - past and present - with librarian Mrs Sue Burns-Price (centre front)