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We have a high level of success within the Art department and aim to provide students with skills in all areas of art, craft and design. Art is a popular subject within the school and the Art Centre is always alive with activity and buzzing with students - at lunchtimes as well as during lessons.

Students are encouraged to develop their visual skills, exhibit their work and pursue their own personal interests. We urge them to be creative, enthusiastic and imaginative, experiment and take risks with their work and approach, form independent, subjective judgements, visit galleries, museums, workshops and studios and to use their art as a form of enjoyment.

- Miss North, Head of Art



Miss North Head of Art
Miss North has been teaching for 13 years and specialised in Fine Art Sculpture at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is now
a practising photographer as well as Head of Art.

Miss S Willey Art Teacher

Mr Fitzgerald School Technician
Mr Fitzgerald is our art technician and has worked at the school since 2011. He previously worked in advertising in London before
relocating to Devon.


In Years 7 and 8 (Key Stage 3), students study art through a rich variety of termly project themes; they are given the opportunity to experience different approaches to art, craft and design. There is a balance in the programme of study between investigating and making, which are the practical aspects of creating art, and knowledge and understanding in which students are introduced to and study the work of artists from our own culture and other cultures both past and present. Students have the opportunity to make both two dimensional and three dimensional work, including ceramics. Students are taught to use materials, tools and techniques to develop their creative, imaginative and practical skills to enable them to express ideas and feelings, record observations and design and make images and artefacts. Through their own work and the study of other artists, students will develop visual perception and literacy, so enabling them to express ideas and opinions using an art, craft and design vocabulary. Years 7 to 8 are the building blocks for further study at GCSE, AS and A-Level, which some students will go on to study.

The Department views art as both an intellectual and creative subject; it is one of the means by which we interpret, express and understand our place in the world and, as such, is viewed as an important aspect of education.

GCSE Art follows the Edexcel syllabus. During the two-year course, students develop the core study skills of recording and collecting, developing and exploring, analysing and understanding, realising and evaluating, through a series of coursework projects in both
2-dimensional and 3-dimensional work.

At A-Level, we aim to engage students and stretch their understanding to develop confidence in drawing techniques and all other media, to enable them to make successful responses to future tasks. AS and A2 Level Art forms part of a continuum from the students' learning experiences during KS3 and KS4. However, a far greater degree of personal involvement is expected and encouraged, with students relating their own work to the wider world of Art. Students may work with practising artists, visit galleries independently and will be expected to develop personal responses and form opinions which they can then relate to their own work. Students are expected and encouraged to keep work journals (sketchbooks), showing the progress of their ideas and will be regularly asked to research various aspects of Art History/Contextual Studies. Students will be encouraged to exhibit work both in and out of school.



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