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Mr Harris: Head of History


In A-Level Government and Politics, we offer an Edexcel curriculum that gives students a balanced education in politics and that attempts to imbue in them a desire to stay intelligently engaged in the world of current affairs long after they have left the classroom. Indeed, we attempt to make student-led debate and discussion the centrepiece of every lesson. At AS Level, students focus on some of the most pressing issues in British politics today, which include: What are the main criticisms of British Democracy? Is there really any difference between the Labour and Conservative Parties? Should we abandon our electoral system? Do Pressure Groups undermine our democracy? Is it time for an elected House of Lords? At A2 Level, the focus is on American politics and some of the questions considered are as follows: What does it mean to be a Republican and a Democrat today? Is the Electoral College in need of repair? Is racism still an issue in US politics? And is the US Constitution fit for purpose?

- Mr Harris, Head of Politics


Mr Harris Head of Politics
Mr Harris joined the department in 2008, and his specialisms include British and American Politics. He organises trips to the Houses of Parliament and co-ordinates the school’s entry to the European Youth Parliament Competition, which reached the national final in both 2012 and 2013. He teaches History and Government & Politics to A-Level and is also Head of History.

Miss Solomon Politics Teacher (Currently on maternity leave)
Miss Solomon joined the department in 2010, and her specialisms include British Politics. She co-ordinates the junior team for the Magistrates' Court Mock Trial Competion, who have reached the National Finals in the past. Miss Solomon also teaches History throughout the Key Stages, along with Government & Politics to A-Level.

Miss Westhead Politics Teacher
Miss Westhead joined the department in 2012, and teaches History and Politics to A-Level. Her specialisms include British and American Politics. She also co-ordinates Key Stage 3 History, assists with the European Youth Parliament Competition and co-ordinates the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme in school.


In Government and Politics, we attempt to offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that are intended to enrich the basic syllabuses of both AS and A2 Levels. For example, day trips are run to the Houses of Parliament and the UK Supreme Court, and department members are also responsible for running a range of clubs and activities, which include: Politics Club; entries to the Political Studies Association's annual 'Short Video Competition'; management of the school’s online discussion forum Have I Got Views For You; and the training of the school’s entrants to the annual European Youth Parliament event. Finally, all Politics students in Year 12 undergo a pre-university enrichment module on Political Ideologies and Theories of State, that attempts to bridge the students’ transition into Higher Education and prepare them for applications to the UK’s top universities.

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