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Mr Harris: Head of History


What is maths?
Is it numbers? Is it algebra? Is it trigonometry? Is it statistics? The list could go on.
A better question would be “what makes a good mathematician?”
A good mathematician has the ability to reason their way through complex problems, finding the most efficient methods and working out what maths tools are needed.

During their maths lessons we help students build up the tools needed as well as giving them opportunities to develop and improve their problem solving skills. Appreciating that you will not always get things right first time is important; often when improving your maths skills as much can be learnt from a wrong method or solution as it can from solving the problem first time. Resilience and perseverance are essential traits to develop so that you are not tempted to give up at the first hurdle.

I am often asked what careers a maths qualification will lead on to. Not an easy question to answer but it is fair to say that people with good maths skills and qualifications are sought after because of their good problem solving skills. Colyton students who have studied maths at A level have gone on to careers in engineering, finance, architecture, computing and teaching, to name but a few. There are less obvious career routes e.g. business management, medical research, that employ maths graduates for their problem solving skills and logical minds.

As a department we are all fascinated by our subject. We derive pleasure from encouraging our students to persevere with their maths in the hope that it will open up avenues that they may wish to follow in the future.

- Mr Davis, Head of Mathematics


Mr Davis Head of Mathematics
Teaching is not the path I have always trod. I studied Electrical/Electronic Engineering as part of a sponsored undergraduate course with Westland Helicopters in Yeovil. From there I moved to a very small company involved in security electronics. In 1995, after returning to university and completing a PGCE in maths, I started my new career as a maths teacher and for the past 18 years have been working at Colyton. Similar to engineering, I enjoy the fact that as a teacher no two days are the same and there is always more to learn. I am still developing as a teacher and I am continually finding new areas of maths that I have not come across before. Success for me is seeing students enjoying their maths learning and then going on to use their maths skills as part of their future learning and careers.

Mr Read Assistant Head of Mathematics
I am very proud to be a maths teacher at Colyton Grammar School. In my early working life I trained in chemistry before moving on to work in the formative years of computing in the Health Service. I was a late entrant into Exeter University where I completed my degree and then gained my first teaching post at a school in North Devon. After just one year I learned of a vacancy at Colyton and was fortunate enough to be successful in my application. That was in 2001. While the subject of mathematics itself is fairly unchanging we at this school are encouraged to teach the subject in a variety of ways and styles which keep the students (hopefully) and me always challenged. I am as keen to learn from the students as I am to teach them and this ensures that no two lessons are the same.

Mr Fudger Maths Teacher

Mrs Haas-Evans Maths Teacher

Mrs Hudson Maths Teacher

Mr Russell Maths Teacher



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