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Microsoft Office 365

All students and staff are entitled to install Microsoft Office 365 free of charge on up to 5 devices.

This service allows staff and students to install Microsoft Office applications on their home computer(s) and other devices. Both Mac and Windows operating systems are supported) as well as run Microsoft Office applications over the internet.  They will have access to this service whilst being an employee or student at Colyton Grammar School but the license will be revoked when a staff member ceases employment here, or a student is no longer on roll.

For staff and students to use this service, they will need to login via the following link: and use their school email address and usual network password. Please note the password will be the same as your normal network password, so if you change it in school, it will also change for Office 365.

In order to use the online version of Office 365, users will need to configure their OneDrive cloud storage once logged in. This will allow them to save documents in the Cloud (off site – but accessible from anywhere). Please note that the school does not hold backups for these files, although there is a recycle bin available via OneDrive.  After logging in, click on the OneDrive tile (blue tile with clouds on) and follow the instructions presented on screen to configure OneDrive.

The account details and use of this service, is exclusively for the use of the student or employee to whom the details are issued and theses details must not be shared with anyone else.

Please note that this version of Office 365 does notinclude use of the school email system, though this will be in place with the next few months.