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Extra Curricular Activities

The wide-ranging aims of the school could never be achieved totally through classroom teaching, and extra-curricular activities are an important aspect of school life.  Click below for more information:

PE & Sports Clubs

Other Extra-Curricular Clubs & Activities

Visits and Fieldwork
The school has a comprehensive range of visits and trips to reinforce classroom work in Science, Art, Music, English, Drama, History, Geography and Religious Education.

Activities range from investigating water life in the river Coly to a wide range of workshops and an extensive programme of theatre visits.

European Exchange/Links
The school has well-established European links. There is a French Exchange scheme for students from Year 9 upwards, and the school is also twinned with a grammar school in Eckental, Germany.

A-Level French students are twinned with Lycée Ste. Thérèse in Quimper, Brittany, for work experience placements in France.

Year 7 Residential
All Year 7 students participate in a 3-day outdoor activity residential programme.

Skiing Trips
Groups of up to 80 Students participate in an annual trip.

There is ample opportunity for all students to participate in School and House sporting competitions

Facilities are excellent. The school has extensive playing fields, together with a floodlit all-weather pitch providing for Hockey and Tennis. In addition, there are good quality courts of recent construction for Netball and 5-a-side Football. Cricket facilities include an artificial strip. There is a well-equipped Sports Hall.

The school has regular competitive fixtures in all major sports with both state and independent schools.

The sports programme includes: Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Netball, Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Gymnastics, Dance, Table Tennis and Golf.

Music and Drama
Music and Drama make an important contribution to the cultural life of the school. Facilities are excellent and include a well equipped mini Theatre and purpose-built Music Suite.

There are a number of public drama productions each year and drama workshops are a regular event. The quality of productions has been praised by notables such as Alan Bennett.

There is an extensive extra-curricular programme in Music, with an annual programme of events that includes a cycle of monthly concerts, both in the school and at other locations. Students have the opportunity to perform publicly with professional musicians.

A thriving orchestra is aided by students having access to a wide range of peripatetic instrumental tuition.

The choir has an outstanding reputation and is frequently invited to perform at prestigious locations, including in recent years: Canterbury Cathedral; Notre Dame, Paris; St George's Chapel, Windsor; St. Mark's Cathedral, Venice; The Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool; Chester Cathedral; Chartres Cathedral; Dublin Cathedral, York Minster and St Paul's Cathedral, London.